Hi there! We’re Rikki and Melissa, a photographer and graphic designer from the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is SnapBox? SnapBox was an idea that I had in 2013. I thought it would be fun to set up a photo booth that all of my friends and family can enjoy. So after doing quite a bit of research, I decided to start building it and have a target completion date – my daughter’s first birthday! After the success of that event, a friend asked if she could use the photo booth at her wedding. Then one of her guests asked to have it for her wedding. The next thing we knew, we had booked three events over the next few months following my daughter’s birthday. Today, SnapBox continues to provide countless hours of fun and entertainment. Our open-booth features both a professional Canon dSLR camera and flash lighting for an even, glamorous lighting.


I love collecting vintage cameras. The oldest I own is from 1914. I’m a huge San Jose Sharks fan. My favorite kind of photography is portraiture. When traveling, I love to tell stories through the faces of the people I see and meet. I got my fifteen minutes of fame twice: two of my photos were chosen as Picture of the Day and featured on the Kodak jumbotron in New York’s Times Square.


She started out as a writer at a very young age, and published a story in the school paper titled, “The Lonely Gnome”. Now, she works as a senior graphic designer. She’s still telling stories, just visually. She’s an even bigger Sharks fan! She and her sister runs a blog with a focus on family, living, space, fashion and personal style.

These days, with kids in tow, it’s been a lot harder to take time away from them. This is the reason why Melissa encouraged me to pursue this side of the business. While I still get to keep the creativity photography offers as well as my natural knack to meet and chat with people, I still have time for my growing family. Have you seen our awesome promo video? Click VIEW below. 

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