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... leave a message ...

Our Audio Guest Book allows you to capture authentic and unfiltered voicemail messages at your event. Capture these messages as a timeless keepsake for you to enjoy for many years. Your guests picks up the phone, will hear a personalized voicemail message and then have the option to leave well wishes and/or comical quips or stories of favorite memories throughout the event.

When I was growing up, my parents recorded my sisters and I singing and chatting with them. We were around 7 or 8 years old at the time. I vividly remember hearing the recording again a few years later when we were all grown up and memories of that day rushed back in. This is the main reason why we added this to our core experiences. Wouldn't it be amazing to hear a loved ones voice again?

Imagine having this as your wedding or a milestone birthday perhaps. Not only do you get to keep the audio recording, you can also enjoy listening to them many years after the event.

Relieve the memories over and over again.

"Happy Birthday Baby Girl"

A proud father's greeting to his daughter.

"Happy Birthday Papa"

A grand daughter's greeting for her Papa's 80th birthday.


What kind of events are these Audio Guest Books best for?

Our Audio Guest Book is perfect in capturing those unfiltered voice messages at your wedding, party or milestone event.

Is the audio guest book easy to use?

Absolutely! Just pick up the phone, listen to the beep, and leave your message!

Is there a limit on recordings?

There are no limits! Have fun and record as many messages as you want!

What's the turnaround time to receive the audio messages?

It'll take our team 24 hours to turn send the audio messages. We also convert them into a video file for social media sharing.

Do we need a landline, WiFi, and power at the venue?

No need for a landline and WiFi to connect. Just pick up the phone and wait for the beep. We give you the option of using a battery or an outlet for powering up the phone.

Can i leave a personal message?

ABSOLUTELY! We highly recommend doing this since it's makes it even more personal for your guests to hear your voice. We'll send you detailed instructions on how to record your voice message for your guests to listen to before leaving their message.

Are Audio Guest Books really that great?

Our Audio Guest Books allow you to capture the real voices at your events. Imagine the Grandmother who leaves an emotional and heartfelt message for the baby who just turned one. Or how about the choked up message from a Father at his daughters wedding? Or perhaps the drunken message the Best Man leaves for the bride and the groom?

And while photos capture the event, these audio files will add yet another level of bringing back those memories back.

Is there a way to allow those who can't attend our event to leave us a message?

IT'LL BE A REALITY SOON! We've been working with our developers for a launch date to allow you guests to leave messages as if they were there at your event.

Can i share this on social media?

YES! We understand that audio files can't be shared on social media. Which is why once our editors process your audio recordings and messages, we send both audio and video formats so you can post to your favorite platform.