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Snapbox v2 DIY

This is quite interesting. Two years ago on this date, I completed building Snapbox v2. It resembled a giant iPod, paint job and all. It was basically an IKEA hack from one of their bathroom medicine cabinets called the Gunnern. It was a single door mirror cabinet that only needed a stand and it would have been complete.

A quick trip to IKEA and I was in business. The plexiglass cover came from TAP Plastics and I bought an F&V LED light from Amazon to complete the set up. I had my original Surface Pro. The stand was custom fabricated by a local steel shop and I had it powder coated at another local paint shop.

This was a thing of utter minimalism but it never really did see any action. Just two weeks before it's scheduled debut, I ended up purchasing a more “professional, shop-built booth” – the T12. But that story would be for another blog entry.

So check out this build and let me know what you think. Have you ever built one from scratch? I'd love to know how you did. By the way, curious to see what version looked like? Check it out here.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao!

#DIY #IKEA #snapbo

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