Simeen + Gurlal

We haven’t done too many ethnic weddings so tonight’s wedding was by far one of our most anticipated this entire season.

Set by the beautiful Sunol Ridge area, the wedding reception was by far one of the most elaborate and colorful we’ve ever been to. With the women dressed in their lenghas and the gentlemen in their dapper suits or traditional garb, tonight’s celebration was an incredible experience in sight, sound, and color. The women (who we assume were part of the bridal party) had intricate henna (mehndi) tatoos on their hands. You can see these amazing tatoos in some of the samples below. The other noticeable feature was the jewelry that adorned some of the women’s forehead area, hands, wrists, and even ankles.

The ring light came out to the party this evening and was a huge hit once again! Everyone especially loved the GIF and boomerang features of the booth and we received numerous requests for this booth as some of the guests wanted to have this at their next event. Check out some of the samples from the ring light booth below and see for yourself. It’s amazingly F-U-N!

Guests at the wedding were given access to the galleries that can be found here . If you would like to get a link to the GIF mp4 video files so you can upload them to Instagram, drop us a note.

“Blessings of good health, happiness, wealth and a long life. May your love become stronger every day.”

Here is a slideshow of some of the beautiful images captured this evening. We hope you enjoy!

If you’re uploading some photos or videos that you’ve taken at the booth, don’t forget to use our hashtags #johalsanghasummer18 #snapboxsf We would love to know you visited.
We hope you enjoyed these samples images.

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