How often do you encounter using a white backdrop for your events and never getting that clean white look? I know I struggled with it when I first started and still continue to do so every now and then.

Fellow booth friends have also asked me how I fix my photos in post so I decided to share a trick that you can use as well. For this, exercise, we'll be using Adobe Lightroom CC.

I'll teach you how to fix your white backdrops in less than 4 clicks using Adobe Lightroom CC. Check the video below. Maximize the window so you can see the mouse clicks.

How to fix a white backdrop in Lightroom:

  1. Open image under Develop Settings
  2. Click Masking (Shift + W)
  3. Click Select Sky
  4. Click Exposure and adjust according to your preference
  5. Click Done when you're satisfied with your changes

And that is pretty much it! I hope this will come in handy at some point. If you love this post, give us a quick like so we know we're doing something right.

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