Choose Your Experience

Legacy Booth

Elegant and Minimal


Our most popular photo booth, this open air booth produces amazing high resolution images for you to keep and share. The clean lines of the Legacy Booth is perfect for any event. Prints are always included in our packages and you can get them within seconds.

Glam Booth

Elegant and Minimal


Do you like the look of a classic black and white photo set as a single shot postcard print? If so, then the Glam Booth is just what you're looking for! Our glam photos are presented as a single monogrammed postcard print.

Retro Lux

Old School Vibe


Don't let the simplicity of a ringlight booth fool you. Our Retro Lux (digital booth) is capable of capturing photos, GIFs, Boomerangs, Video FX, and it can even be a confessional. With today's social media sharing frenzy, you can easily send your photos via SMS, email, or even Air Drop so you can post them on your favorite social media outlets in an instant.


"SUN" in French


We've taken the ringlight to a different level with our Soleil Booth. This little digital booth has the capability of setting the ringlight to match any color you want to be on-brand with your event. Looking for a rainbow light display to attract guests to walk up to the booth? Not a problem. As with Our Retro Lux, this booth is ready to capture photos, GIFs and Boomerang videos for instant upload and sharing.


"MOON" in French


Fast becoming one of our more popular booths, Lune gives our clients the same user experience as our Soleil but with the power of a dSLR camera. Want instant galleries? We've got that covered! All captures are immediately pushed to the cloud in your very own branded microsite for you to enjoy instantly. Text, email, and even Air Drop is available! Lune is perfect for Glams, Video Confessionals, and yes, Boomerangs!


"STARS" in French


Step back in time and capture timeless memories with our vintage styled wood photo booth! Step into the charm of yesteryears as you're enveloped by the warm glow of nostalgia. Our meticulously crafted wooden booth evokes the romance of days gone by, inviting you to create memories that feel as enduring as the wood itself. From candid laughs to tender embraces, each photo is filled with the rustic allure of a bygone era.



Step into a world of wonder with our 360 photo booth experience! Strike a pose, twirl, or simply let your joy take flight as the camera orbits around you, freezing time in a burst of creativity. Step on and let the magic of our 360 photo booth experience transport you to a place where every angle tells a story.

Audio GuestBook


Our Audio Guest Book allows you to capture authentic and unfiltered voicemail messages at your event. Capture these messages as a timeless keepsake for you to enjoy for many years. Your guests picks up the phone, will hear a personalized voicemail message and then have the option to leave well wishes and/or comical quips or stories of favorite memories throughout the event.


When should I book a photo booth?

We would recommend booking your booth experience as soon as you’ve decided to have on at your event especially if your event is during the busiest months of the year.

Can we book booths for more than one day?

ABSOLUTELY! We can provide booths for as long as you need them be it days, weeks, or even months.

What is idle time?

Idle is time during your booth rental where you want the photo booth set up, but not in service for guests.

Why do I need Idle time?

It's always good to have a schedule in mind when you're booking a booth. This allows us to provide feedback on when the booth should be open for your guests. Idle time allows you to book your booth for a certain run time while allowing the booth to be 'closed" during dinner or speeches.

There are also instances where the client might want us to set up the booth ahead of the run time so as not to disrupt the event.