It's no secret that you need a great brand identity to successfully market your product. A logo is the visual cornerstone of a company's brand. So with this in mind, I reached out to a number of designers at to help me create my brand identity.

A high-quality logo is one of the most important brand components. It is the graphical representation of a company, which provides information about company’s services and products, embodies the brand’s ideas and core values. The logo is incredibly important from a commercial point of view. If a logo is bad or irrelevant, the business will not be able to develop effectively.

Back then, even though we were already known as Snapbox, we really didn't have an image that let's customers get to know us. All we had was a 2'x2′ plyboo box we custom made to house our photo booth equipment. The box was simple. It consisted of a ring light flash that provided the lighting and a tiny 7″ touch screen monitor as the interface.

Drawing cues from photography, we suggested to our designers that a camera shutter be used in the design and we also wanted to make the logo look slightly vintage and old. After numerous iterations, we all created the logo you all know today. While the colors were different back in 2013, the design is still intact and distinct. We changed to blue in 2015 when we upgraded our booths. We also added a tag line to tie it back to my photography site. We thought it added a modern flair to the logo design.

Here's the original logo and colors back in April of 2013.

We thought it would be interesting to overlay our logo on one of our photos when we first started in the business. As you can see, the proportions and elements are exact and true to the original design of our booth.

So why is a logo important again? Here are five reasons* to consider getting a properly designed brand identity.

  1. Reveals your identity
  2. Invites customers to get to know you
  3. Distinguishes you from the competition
  4. Facilitates brand loyalty
  5. Can be placed everywhere

*From the importance of a logo design at

In 2016, we dropped the original tag line and replaced it with Photo Booth Co.

How about you? Do you have a logo? What were the driving factors in your design? We're all ears and would love to know your thoughts.