You just hired a photo booth company for your event and now you're wondering where to best locate them so you can maximize the use of the booth.

The best place to place the booth is where the action is at - the reception area. If by chance the reception area isn't large enough to accommodate our space requirements (10'x10') minimum, then we suggest locating the booth where people can easily see others having their photos taken to maximize the usage of the photo booth.

You might be wondering why we're writing a blog post about locations right? You would be surprised. Our photo booth has been placed in these locations and we'll tell you why it's not advisable to locate us at these places.

Avoid these locations:

  1. By the kitchen or service entrance: There is nothing worse than having the booth interrupted every so often because the wait staff are coming in and out of the kitchen or service areas. This is very disruptive and people will lose interest if their sessions keep getting interrupted.
  2. By the restrooms: This is another area that becomes very disruptive. Do you really want to fall in line by the restrooms waiting for your turn to use the photo booth. Yeah. Us too.
  3. In a completely separate room: If no one knows we're there, no one will use the booth. I know you might think "we can ask the DJ to announce that there is a photo booth in the next room" so we should be okay. It's not. The DJ is paid to keep the dance floor full and they will hesitate to let people know to use the booth at the cost of losing people on the dance floor.
  4. Next to the DJ: We've been placed right next to DJs before and the experience wasn't so successful. Our spot was next to the speakers and when it came time for the dancing to commence, no one could hear us even if we shouted from the top of our lungs.

We had done a few events in the past where we were placed in these areas and when we issue the galleries of images, the client often wonders why there weren't many photos taken at the event and we let them know that despite feedback we might have given when our team arrived, we were still placed in the "not so desirable" areas. Remember, we get paid by the hour that we are on site and not by the amount of photos we take, If we end up being at an event for three hours and can only upload a few sessions, it might be due to choices of placement.

So where's the best spot?

So where is the best spot for the photo booth? Our clients ask us for our feedback all the time and we appreciate that we can provide suggestions. We always suggest that they consider us to be close to the reception area where their guests can see other friends and family enjoying their time at the photo booth. This will encourage people to use the booth without asking the DJ to make an announcement.

The Haven at Tomales

If you have a planned event coming up, do you know where you would like to locate the photo booth? Have you discussed the location with your event planner or the photo booth company? You might want to consider getting their feedback especially since they've been doing this for a while. Either way, good luck on your event! It'll be fab!

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