It was back on January 22nd when I received Mercy's message inquiring about a booth for John's 50th birthday. She wanted to add the booth for a couple of reasons - booths are fun to have at any event and Filipinos love taking photos! I should know too. My family loves taking pictures.

If you didn't know, Mercy used to be an event planner for Sephora. So it wasn't a surprise that she started planning for John's birthday as early as January. We were onboard at the very beginning but as soon as I found out that the party was going to be at a park, I hesitated since that meant renting a generator. I tried renting a generator from Home Depot once and that failed so I was very hesitant to provide our services. Mercy had other ideas. She said she would provide the generator because she really wanted to have a booth experience for John's celebration.

So here we are a few months later and we're out here at beautiful Vasona Lake Park in Los Gatos, CA. And it was hot! We set up under these beautiful majestic oak trees which were in shade when we got there. After a few hours, the booth was in direct sunlight. It was so hot that our equipment started slowing down but we somehow managed to push through and provide our booths services for the time she wanted us on site. They even had a DJ and a dance floor! Welcome to Filipino parties!

Check out the logos below. And you guessed right - Mercy designed all of them!

After going over the logo designs for John's birthday, we ended up going with the one you see below which is a much better representation of the underlying theme of "vintage and aged to perfection".

Check out some of the pullback photos along with some samples from John's birthday soiree. Thank you for having us there to help with the festivities.

As with any Filipino gathering, food was aplenty. The halo-halo (Filipino for mixed) was the highlight on this very hot day. Halo-halo is definitely the ultimate summertime treat that brings me back to my childhood days. It's a traditional Filipino dessert that has a mix of sweetened beans, a mixture of fruits fruits with shaved ice and evaporated milk which I topped with a piece of leche flan (Filipino cream caramel). I kept mine plain with no added vanilla ice cream. Here's to summer!

As with any outdoor event, the wind is always a challenge no matter how light it might seem. If you look closely at the pull back shots, you'll see that we're actually tethered to the power pole on one side and weighted using our carts on the other. Whatever it takes right?

And before the day ended, a group shot for both sides of the family.

If you’re uploading photos or videos that you’ve taken at the booth, don’t forget to use our hashtags #snapboxsf and #JPs50thBirthday We would love to know you visited. Guests at tonight’s event were given access to the galleries that can be found here. If you would like to get a link to the mp4 video files of the GIF images so you can upload them to Instagram, drop us a note. We hope you enjoy these sample images. We hope to see y'all at the next event! Who's next?

Venue: Vasona Lake Park

Photo Booth: @snapboxsf

DJ: Jeff Paras djdetect

Props: @lushpartystudioprops

Did you enjoy our booth at the party tonight? Feel free to drop us a quick review on either Google or Yelp. We would love to know your thoughts.

We hope to see you all next time!