I received an email from Monica and Exiquio around late 2017, inquiring about our services that they found through Yelp! It didn't take long after that initial contact that we agreed on the package they wanted for their wedding. I think it took longer for us to try to understand why Exiquio's text messages weren't coming through. I find it funny that to this day, Exiquio's messages still doesn't get through to my phone. Hello AT&T? Apple? Anyone?

They had a date chosen – August 18, 2018. According to the Knot.com, 8/18/18 is set to be the busiest wedding date for 2018. From thoughts of luck to success in love, the 18th has definitely been the most highly sought after date this year. For most people, three eights is an incredible sign of luck – 888. Eight is also representative with the sign of infinity, which is symbolic of love. 81818 is also a palindrome which makes it even more desirable.

Here's to a Lifetime of Happiness! Let the Happily Ever After begin!

So on an incredibly hot but beautiful day in Pleasanton, CA on the 18th of August 2018, Monica and Exiquio celebrated their love with family and friends. I've never been to a Mexican wedding before and these guys know how to party! They had a Mexican band – Banda Corazon Ranchero that rocked the entire evening! No DJ required. These guys knew how to get the crowd on their feet!

Check out the sample photos below. Y'all can see how crazy and fun it was at the booth tonight.

If you're looking for the photos from last night, head on over to our site and check out the galleries. The couple have their own hashtags that they are encouraging their guests to use for social media uploads – #thelozawedding and #bodaloza . Check out the hashtags as they are populated.

If you’re uploading some photos or videos that you’ve taken at the booth, don’t forget to tag us at #snapboxsf We would love to know you visited. Here's one more bonus for the newly weds and their friends and family to enjoy. If you would like to have a copy of this video, please drop us an email and we'll be sure to send you the pin code.

Congratulations on the start of something beautiful! Much love, health and happiness to you both on this happy occasion.

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Venue: Callippe Preserve Golf Course

Photographer: @tara_marie_photography

Band: @BandaCorazonRanchero

Photo Booth: @snapboxsf