Happy Saturday… well early Sunday, everyone! We just got back from Regine's Debutante Celebration held at the Double Tree by Hilton in Newark, CA.

Tonight, Regine had her cotillion which has deep roots in Filipino culture. The Filipino Cotillion tradition is a throwback to the Spanish colonization era and is popular among the upper class of Philippine society. Historically, the Cotillion was used by the girl’s family particularly to introduce her to young men of marrying age who belonged to the same upper-class society.

Traditionally, cotillions in the Philippines are meant to introduce a young woman to society. There are usually several choreographed dances involved but none most important than the traditional waltz.

Regine's cotillion was 1920s Chicago themed so think of flapper dresses, art deco… the roaring twenties. Our props were themed as well and we even created custom props for the birthday girl thanks to feedback and input from her Dad, Roldan.

Guests at the wedding were given access to the galleries that can be found here. If you’re on Instagram, feel free to check out their hashtag #regines18 and if you’re uploading some photos or videos that you’ve taken at the booth, don’t forget to use our hashtag #snapboxsf

Enjoy the galleries and the sample photos. Congratulations once again Regine and her family!

One more thing, we've put together a slideshow of some of the photos from the party last night. Come and view the slideshow here.

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